I'm weird, here's proof

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh dear it's almost 10 o'clock

I am an ox? What does this mean? I swear the Chinese just make up new crap every day so we'll think they're more mysterious.

Enough racism. I love Asians. The point is I can't write about myself. Except in a setting such as this. I guess I mean to say I just can't write anyhing coherent about myself. I've been trying all weekend. I was almost excited to start this assignment, once I had an idea of what I was writing my personal narrative on. But it's harder than I thought and that's frustrating. I wish I could write. On Friday I went to this thing, this Reading, and there was this famous poet that came and read his poetry and it was way impressive and how does he come up with those words.

I swear, last year at this time I had way more friends than I do now. Where did they all go. I have like one left. Do I smell?

Oh gosh now you're all going to get mad cause I said I have only one friend. If it makes you feel better, YOU are that one friend I was referring to.



Marsie Pants said...

Oh man. Caitie blogs are fun.

Jookylover said...

You remind me of Jack Handy sometimes.

Amy said...

yes. you smell. it's your hair product. it's intoxicating. but not really. but really, it's lovely. but then again, i think i can detect just a whiff of updog in here.

i'm great, thanks for asking.

Amy said...

"Enough racism. I love Asians."

'Nuff said.