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Friday, October 27, 2006

What's my brain doing

My current list of majors to consider; drawn directly from my notebook:

-English language
-Photography (not really considering it but it would be fun)
Anyone see a common thread between all of these? If so, do let me know. It may save me some time and tuition money and later, stress therapy.

I lead a new life, sort of, and in most ways it's a relief but in other ways it's more frustrating. This is solely because i'm living with approximately forty very focused, determined, smart studious students who know just what they're doing and how to do it. Plus they do a lot of homework. Why must I be different? Is misdirection one of those things that's a blessing and a curse? I hate those. Just be one or the other, I say.

Just let me explain why I have sociology on there: it came to me yesterday, as I was, not for the fist time, swooning over Jeff Buckley. Part of the draw to him for me is that he was messed up. I asked myself why, and it occurred to me that I'm oftentimes drawn to the weird ones, the ones that need help [no, I am not referring to you--i mean artists, musicians and the like]. This begs the question, is there a reason I'm drawn to people that need help? I'm not trying to make myself out to be Mother Theresa or anything, but maybe I should help messed up kids or something. Maybe cool?

Disclaimer: don't be fooled, this in no way means that I have an idea what I'm doing

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