I'm weird, here's proof

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There's no time for hatred

We all know that Cold starts tomorrow, and we're all wetting our pants about it cause that's all there is to do in this town, and I admit I am no exception. I've been planning tomorrow's outfit all day, except I still have no idea what it's going to be. I've invested more thought in that topic tonight than in homework and have nothing in either category to show for it. That's okay. It'll be an outfit surprise and tomorrow will be homework-ly busy. (I accidentally typed "busty." Heh.)

Hey guys. Stop being obsessed with Etsy and telling me to buy your homemade gluey craft crap when you're not good at making anything and you're just making ugly accessories that I'm sick of seeing anyway. (That wasn't directed at anyone who reads this blog...as far as I'm aware.) Bah! Humbug!

I really really like this child:

She kind of makes my day. All the time. She's seriously an adorable spaz and I encourage any and all of you to get to know her.

That is all.

It's too late to be doing this

Guys, I just beat my old #10 score in Tetris. It's been a while since I've done that.

Would you all read a magazine article about simple ways to set up, and subsequently keep a monetary budget?
I don't think I would either, but I'm writing one. I'm trying to think of ways to make it sound like something that anyone would want to read. (That's why I'm playing Tetris...it helps me think.)

So, think about it. If you had to read an article about budgeting, first of all: would you?, and second: wait, this sentence is completely faulty. Just tell me what you think should be included/omitted in such an article. It would help me out, and also I'm just curious about what other people think.

...I'm tired.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I got too much to say for it to be important

See, I want to be stylish and also pretty. Those are things you're born with though, right?

So what you see is what you get, ladies and gentlemen. Take or leave. Even borderline frumpy, shy girls have some awesomeness and cuddliness to offer. I just don't want to turn into something you'd see on peopleofwalmart.com. Watch me. I can at least not get to that point. Unless said people are happy with they way they are. More power to them, in that case. I say, wear leopard print anything that's three sizes too small. I wouldn't wanna look at ya, but as long as you're happy. Good.

My lotion smells good though. That's one thing I can control. It smells like a fuzzy fall sweater. Mmm, fall.

If you live in the same town as I do, and you hate 98% of things in said town as much as I do, just look at the freaking mountains right now. They've got a layer of green, mossy trees all over, with fiery red accents that you couldn't make up. It gives a person some grounding and a reminder that all's not lost.

There are some decent people in this town. I love it, but I'm ready to be gone. Too much has happened.

A definite plus, this is coming back into my life within the next month or so: