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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Study aids

You may have noticed by my last blog that finals week has arrived here at the London Centre. Here is an incomplete list of ways we Londoners have come up with to avoid all things school-related:

-holding late, late-night sing-alongs
-teaching me how to play the guitar (i know four chords and can almost play part of 'leaving on a jet plane')
-composing elaborate poetry (containing nothing of educational value)
-spontaneously going to kahn's
-excessive napping
-myspacing and facebooking like never before
-encouraging others to create new blogs
-grocery runs
-this one time we played settlers of catan
-1,000 piece puzzles
-homestar runner
-playing the google game
-reading pirate books (this one's mostly just me)
-watching "hook"

If anyone thinks of more cool things, I'm running out of ideas


Marsie Pants said...

Ummm...hello!! You're in LONDON in case you forgot!! London is full of things to do OUTSIDE of the centre. There are museums, shows to go to, concerts, lots of stuff. Go out and PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitie said...

i was talking about really really late-night things

Amy said...

idea #1: nab someone's ipod and put it on shuffle. hand it to one person. put them in the middle of a circle. have them close their eyes, spin them a few times, and press play. their task is to sing as many words (as loudly) as they can while acting out the emotion of the song. there are many creative other variations. make them up as you get the feel for the game. sometimes the first person who guesses the song wins. they also usually win the ipod and must perform the next song.
ideas #2-4

have fun.

Adam said...

What's the google game?

Adam said...

This comment and the last one is really from Maury.

Mr. T said...

Virtually kill a few thousand people!

The Kill Everyone Project