I'm weird, here's proof

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blame it on the Inversion

Everything smells/tastes like exhaust
I can't see my mountain
I've forgotten what the sun looks like
When my hair swings in my face, instead of smelling like conditioner and the sweet scent of my green Paul Mitchell hair goo, it smells like industrial supplies. Just one more simple pleasure wrested from me.
Everyone I know is feeling more depressed. Most of all me.
Outside is in no way beautiful.
Did I mention the headaches?
This is all the inversion's fault.

Bad grades? Inversion
Oh, I'm sorry, I punched you in the face? It's cause of the inversion


Marsie Pants said...

Thank you. That was fantastic.

Jookylover said...

Your inversion made national headlines yesterday, so at least you can be proud of it.

Mr. T said...

Yeah, I heard about the giant fart cloud hanging over Utah from reading the news!

Here is where I would brag about how nice the weather is in South Carolina, but it snowed here today, so...never mind.