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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This ended up being kinda funny

Otherwise I wouldn't post it.

Put your iTunes on shuffle and ask the iTunes Gods each of the following questions or scenerios

What were you like as a baby?
Song: Something--the Beatles

How was your childhood?
Song: Arrival to Netherfield--from Pride & Prejudice (yeah not funny--this one doesn't make sense)

How was high school for you?
Song: Bachelorette--Bjork.

Your first kiss?
Song: Like Eating Glass--Bloc Party. Yikes.

Your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
Song: I'm a Believer--The Monkees

Describe your Wedding.
Song: A Mistake--Fiona Apple

The person you're going to marry.
Song: Mean Mr. Mustard--The Beatles (I'm not making these up)

How are you going to die?
Song: The Boy With the Thorn in His Side--The Smiths

Describe your funeral.
Song: Find My Baby--Moby (??)

How do you feel about religion?
Song: My Baby Just Cares for Me--Nina Simone

(And my personal favorite):
What do you do on vacations?
Song: Stoned--Dido


biggins said...

Hmm some of mine are ok. The best is probably my first one.

As a baby:
Why have you brought me here? - Andrew Lloyd Webber, via Phantom of the Opera

Your childhood:
Lord Only Knows - Beck

How was high school:
Know - Nick Drake

First kiss:
Little Jeanie - Elton John

First boyfriend/girlfriend:
Perfect Fit - AFI

Describe your wedding:
Strung Out Again - Elliott Smith

Person you're going to marry:
Wiggledy Giggledy - Woody Guthrie

How you are going to die:
Our Father - BYU Men's Chorus (I guess God kills me?)

Describe your funeral:
Parallel Universe - RHCP

How do you feel about religion:
So Real - Jeff Buckley

What you do on vacations:
In the Highways - Peasall Sisters, via O Brother Where Art Thou

Marsie Pants said...

Mine were not good at all so I'm not even going to post them. But congrats to you for having such great answers.

Amy said...

so i've got some good ones, i mean, reallllly good ones, but they're a little too racy to post. just ask.

dre said...

iTunes knows you. well.