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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Best Overheard Phone Conversation All Day

...was spoken by a guy I was walking behind on campus. It went roughly like this:

Yeah dude, we're going out to dinner tonight. And like, you know me, man, I don't like doing boring, everyday things, like things that everybody else does, especially in the Provo scene[EXACT PHRASE]. So, like, after dinner, we're going to draw pictures of each other, and...[inaudible]...fish sticks(?)...[inaudible]...you know, just something really creative like that...yeah dude. No. Dude, where do you think I'm going tonight, dude, I'm going to dinner...

I wish I could have followed him longer to hear more, but I really had to run up to the library to blog about it before I forgot anything.

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Amy said...

"Dude, that's tight*. I mean, tight! Sweet, brah! That's totally tight. No man, I mean, that's tiiiiight! Really, no! I mean tiiiight!"

-Almost direct quote from the trio of dudes shopping ensemble at Target

*I'd really like to hear someone say 'tights' instead, sometime.