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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I Got What I Got on Netflix

Roger Ebert said that no one can call themselves a true Beatles fan unless they've seen the movie "Help". I resent him for saying that. I'll resent him for saying that until I've seen the movie. Then I'll agree with him.

Anyone else who is petty enough to agree with me and who would like to see the movie should let me know and we'll schedule a viewing. Tonight or tomorrow night. Or possibly the next night.


dre said...

i've seen help. and yellow submarine. and a hard day's night.

yeah, welp, i guess i'm hard core.

kaitlyn.e said...

i'm so petty

Hot Air said...

Hi, from a long-time lurker/fan. Thought I'd stop by to say I agree. Not with the post, with the blog heading. I think what brought me out of lurkage was actually the chocolate below. Well done. Hope you don't mind.

I actually first saw your awesome blog on MySpace when I first met Maury, but didn't comment or anything because- well- you were just too weird. But over the past year I think I have become acclimated to it.

So.... hi!

Marsie Pants said...

Nice, Summer. Now Caitie's going to know I have psycho friends. Don't worry Caitie, she stalked me too.

Mr. T said...

The Monkees made an inferior movie a few years after "Help" came out. It was called "Assist." Eh, it was okay.