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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Guess you can say I'm not average

The average American gains about seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year. I made a goal around the end of November to make myself "unaverage." I didn't think it was too lofty a goal, and I was pretty sure I'd be able to do it. How did I do? Well...

Goal: Don't gain any weight during the holidays. Just maintain my weight.
January 3, 2009: Gained 10 pounds

This is why I don't make goals.


Marsie Pants said...

Tee hee!!! If it makes you feel better, I'm sure I gained much more than 10 pounds.

Jookylover said...

I gained a bunch as well. I blame Shere, Chris and Ali for all that yummy food, but it was so worth it for those rolls.

IvyLeaguePhD said...

Shere's making more rolls for me even as we speak.

And medication can have that effect - I don't even have that excuse. I don't dare check my weight, but I know it's more than it was a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

But you're still just as cute as can be! Not quite as cute as I am, but fairly close!