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Saturday, July 08, 2006


I just wrote a blog and then deleted it, because it did not suit my fancy. So. Attempt 2:

I have a secret desire that has existed since I was but a youngling: I want to be a mermaid. Don't ask me why, maybe the Disney movie corrupted me. It just always seemed so glamorous. Can you imagine, living in the ocean? So lovely and sparkling, and you would, effectively, be living in a swimming pool. Plus you'd have a tail. So then, imagine that, for some reason, it doesn't matter, you are turned into a human and live on land for at least a while. How much of your life would be different? Your underwater world could be as civilized as you like, but you still wouldn't know how to bathe, wash your hair, drive a car, write, you'd freak out when you saw a dog, and then: speech. You could live (underwater) a few nautical miles from the nearest shore town and even on the offchance you spoke the same language, you would still have different dialects, idiomatic phrases, and accents. Would you even speak underwater? If not, how would you communicate? Like the whales, with echolocation? Then why do mermaids have voiceboxes? Help me out, I need feedback and additional suggestions on all of this.


Heather Feather Weather said...

Well, I think Mermaids are destined to be dissatisfied, like most human beings, thus being a mermaid who can take off fins would be the best choice in lifestyle. Or maybe just flippers and ability to breathe underwater. That'd be cool.

kaitlyn.e said...

do you remember when we used to pretend to be mermaids in my pool? those were good times.