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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Humans are crazy

Morrissey changed his mypsace picture. I hope my husband looks that good when he's that age.

What a curious age we are chosen to live in. People are so needlessly intricate sometimes. There are codes and games and nuances in people's every move. And we, especially we women, feel compelled and even obligated to pick apart every detail a fellow being shows us. Why is this? Group settings are the most fascinating times to observe human behavior. We truly are animals. I wonder if there are beings higher than us (well of course there are) but I wonder if they watch us in fascination like we watch a bird build a nest for its family out of twigs and mud. Take a hypothetical example: a girl likes a boy. She is suddenly more animated and tries harder to be funny, charming, witty, interesting, etc. Oftentimes she makes herself look like a greater fool than had she just been herself, natural (I promise I'm not talking about myself specifically nor any one of my friends). We do this to ourselves. Why? Sometimes I watch a child as he reverently plays with my graphing calculator, awed by its functions and Magical Powers, then suddenly gets bored of it and drops it on the mahongany table. I asked, in my head, what on earth made you think that was necessary, Matthew? This applies to all humans, to an extent. Does anyone else often ask themselves, "why the heck did I do that?" I hope I'm not alone.

This is how I do accounting homework: I don't. Or I do, but it takes all day cause I get distracted easily. How about you read an exerpt so you understand why I can't focus:
"Most analysts agree lower inflation deserves higher P/Es because it produces lower interest rates. Those lower rates, in turn, raise the present, discounted value of future profits. Low inflation also reduces accounting distortions in profits. Right now, inflation looks low: The "core" inflation rate -- which excludes the volatile food and energy components -- was just 2.6% in December, well below the 4.4% it has averaged since 1957."
That's why I'm bored right now. Help me.

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Heather Feather Weather said...

Gag me. It sounds like death. And human beings are peculiar; I know you say this isn't about your friends, but I'm sure I lended some inspiration.