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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I've learned a lot about geese

Goose facts:
1. They can't jump. Or they won't.
2. They don't like having yogurt thrown at them.
3. They still bother you even if you have thrown yogurt at them.
4. They look funny with globs of blueberry yogurt on their backs.
5. They can get vengeful gleams in their eyes as spiteful as any human or beast.
6. If you feed it to them, they'll eat turkey--their kin.
7. Ducks are their worst enemy.

On an unrelated topic, I hate life momentarily. Why must 86.8% of Things suck, all at one time? And how do I switch plane tickets if I'm not sick, and it's not a family emergency? They don't bother telling me that.

1 comment:

Amy said...

It IS a family emergency! Chris is going to destroy all of the geese in Dubai if you don't personally go stop him. Fight that, Commy Airliners!

And on a different note, maybe this'll lower your percentage: "Of Montreal" is going to be playing somewhere on the streets of Park City in Late January!