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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

London showers

I hate it when outsiders discover the Good Shower.

There is a small contingency of us who know of its wonders and have sworn off the "other showers" forever. Yesterday I shamed myself by introducing it to another, who had never even used it. The inferior, commoners' showers had stopped working entirely, allowing only a small trickle to flow. Or so I heard. From the commoners who were using those showers. I suggested to a certain lowly serf showerer that she use the Good one, since it always worked and was a trusty, reliable companion every morning, noon and night.

I created a monster. She liked it; the outsider, that is. She calls herself Kristi Ann, but to me she is now just another competitor for the comparitively high water pressure and privacy afforded by Good Shower. Why did I tell her? Perhaps I like a challenge.

Imagine my disapleasure, nay, dismay when yesterday there appeared on the Good Shower a note, written by Keri, saying 'do not use until further notice, because this shower is leaking into room #2.' Well, guess what Keri. Your precious room is not as important to me as Good Shower. So this morning I had to break my several-weeks-long streak of not using Crappy showers. So inferior. Will someone please fix good shower, I need him back.


Heather Feather Weather said...

Ha, ha! When you move here there will be one shower. Good, bad, or a challenge.

Amy said...

the teapot is evil. you are Wise. bless you, daughter. while our showerhead only comes up to my neck, and the showercurtain only covers 75% of the tub, the water pressure is reliable and fantastic at that. now we'll just have to figure out how to keep the knobs on their designated sockets.