I'm weird, here's proof

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Almost like poetry

Care for some poems?

There once was a young girl called Masie
She was famous for being quite lazy
She just lay in bed
And it went to her head
And now, I'm afraid, she's gone crazy

On a fine day all warm and sunny
Hopped a young loveable bunny
He heard a soft sound
And when he turned 'round
The hunter got him with his gunny

High up on a hill stood a chapel
And one day there was quite a loud grapple
Preacher rang out a bell
But it was just William Tell
Who'd aimed at his brother, not apple

Now some haikus. The first one's about spam.

The famous dinner
That meat which comes from a can
Why must we eat this

Round, chocolate cookie
What is that in your middle?
I still will eat you

Hero at the sword
First cries out his famous call,
"Freedom! Freedom! Free--"

The first sign of spring
The young buds look toward May
Oh my--how cliche


Jookylover said...

I like the bunny one the best because I can hear the gasp that Maury will make when she reads it.

kaitlyn.e said...

you're my favorite

Marsie Pants said...

Caitie, I wish I was you.

Amy said...

i'm still dying from the first time i read these. really. it's like you found this secret little pocket that's been empty in my heart forever, and you've filled it to capacity, and thus i'm having a coronary.