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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's 3:08 and I'm Wide Awake

You know that game Whack-A-Mole?

I'm the mole the last couple weeks. I'm trying not to be, I've even been determined not to be smacked around.

Something happens, something bad, something that gets me down. I analyze it and see that it's just life; bad things happen and you go on. So I move on, feeling hopeful, determined to move through it, more excited about life and WHACK!--something else lands a blow.

Again, I tell myself, that's life. Life is hard. For everyone. So I compose myself, try harder this time, feel even more hopeful, think "hey, I'm gonna do well from here on out" WHACK!


It gets tiresome, being the mole.

I'm thinking of what I'd rather be, and for some reason the first thing that comes to mind is one of those springy snakes that go in the fake can of peanuts. You approach it, thinking it's something normal and kinda boring, and ZOING! You get a surprise which later, after you've thought about it, you laugh at. I want to be that now please.

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Anonymous said...

I have nothing brilliant to say, only that I miss you. I had so much fun hanging out with you last summer. Let's do it again this summer. If you're good I'll make you my new favorite dessert: chocolate spring rolls.