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Sunday, August 19, 2007

...and Family

This one time, my sister sang in sacrament meeting in my parents' ward and my niece gave a talk in primary and no one told me about it.

This other time, I told my family, hey, if you ever go to ______ again, tell me, cause I want to go. Then that weekend I went to my house and no one was there and I called my mom to see where they were and they were at that place and they said they forgot about me.

Another time they went to dinner and didn't tell me about it. Twice.

Another time my mom said, "oh we forgot to call you about________, but I'll call you tonight and tell you what we're doing." She then proceeded to forget.

Around this same time my mom said, and I quote exactly, "You need to check in with me every once in a while so that I remember that I have a sixth child." I had talked to her earlier that day.

So very very loved.


Marsie Pants said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! How well do I remember those days when I was that forgotten child. It happens when you're single and not living at home. There was a 2 year period there where Mom didn't have a 5th child. So sorry to hear you're going through it now. Call me if you need some sympathy.

kgiauque said...

You are soooo exaggerating. What's your name again?

We are celebrating Clumpy's birthday at a restaurant at 5:30 tonight, so be there or you lose. There, I told you what we're doing. Also, his birthday party afterwards here.

Mr. T said...

When we went up to Charlotte on Saturday, my buddy Dave and I both turned to each other as we were entering the museum and simultaneously asked "did you tell Owen about this?" Owen is our other friend and we both completely forgot about him, so he didn't get to come.

We felt kind of bad about it, but he wasn't at trivia the other night, when we planned it all out, so that's his own dang fault.

fuzzy florals and hummus said...

thats ok my family never calls me either. lets start a family together! oh wait...

Caitie said...

Morganne, did I mention my family lives in Provo?