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Monday, August 06, 2007

Classy Stuff and Music and Drugs

Sometimes I call Ralph the dog "Rafe" like Ralph Vaughn Williams. It just makes him seem classier. And it makes me happy. His toes are clicking on the tile. Also makes me happy.

Guys, I read this story yesterday that my creative writing teacher recommended to me cause it was about music and I wrote a thing about music once and he said I'd like this story. I did, cause the writing was really good but it was depressing. He said my story and this story were similar in content and evoking blah blah blah...but I read it and the big difference is, in my story the effects of music were positive. In this one, it seemed, music was an escape for this guy from life's pains. Music and also heroin.

But it was a cool story though cause it made the point about how everyone is trying to escape something painful in life and everyone has different methods of doing that. It contrasted these two brothers, a straight-laced school teacher and a jazz musician who keeps getting busted for drugs, and eventually the first brother comes to understand how the second brother is able to deal with pain through his music.

Pretty cool.

Malcolm just put his head on my wrist and now it's hard to type.


Mr. T said...

Oooh, the drug-addict post is right above the post entitled "addiction." Are you trying to tell us something, Caitie?

Marsie Pants said...

Yeah, what Tim said. Also, calling Ralph "Rafe" does not make him classier. Any being that rubs his butt on the carpet is not classy.