I'm weird, here's proof

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thank you, WebMd

I think it's a boil!

I suddenly feel less remarkable.


Jookylover said...

I thought you said it was a spider bite.

Caitie said...

well everyone thought it was. i don't think it is anymore. dad still thinks it's a now really infected bug bite and i should go to the doctor, and, seriously, he's freaking that i'm going to lose my leg otherwise. I think it's a boil. I hear they hurt like the dickens. This does.

Jookylover said...

You probably should go to the doc. It might be a gummy.

Marsie Pants said...

Meh. If you have a fever or if your skin starts turning other colors, then you should be worried. Otherwise, it's probably a boil and you should deal with it. I've had boils and they're AWFUL!!! You're fine. Suck it up.

Mr. T said...

C stole my thunder already, but I don't care, here goes:

"It was a gummy bear."

Caitie said...

shut up, maury, i said dad was freaking out, not me.

oh and it WAS a boil